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I collapsed into bed last night exhausted from the day and feeling that the week had been an endless list of to-dos that I really didn’t feel like doing. Though I’d completed tons of stuff over the course of the week – some things I’d even tout as accomplishments, I still felt profoundly unsatisfied. I hadn’t spent any time with friends and I’d all but ignored my husband. My cat showed his neglect by puking all over my bed. My wrists were aching and my eyes dry from sitting zombie-like at a computer all day (and all night). Aside from the flight of stairs I climb (down) each morning, I’d been absolutely sedentary. And then today, I read this:

Words Of Wisdom Everyone Ignores — But Shouldn’t

As the article says, this advice is so obvious even worms get it. But I needed the reminder, a list of instructions if you will, on how to keep my head up, my path clear and my mind on track to focus on what’s most important. As we head into the weekend, it’s time for family, friends and a vacation from pesky to-do lists. I never want to be one of those people who are “working for the weekend” but I have to admit, today is a TGIF kinda day.