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Winter returned this week. The city, emerging from hibernation like a bleary eyed bear, poked it’s head up, anticipating spring. Then, like an icy kick to the gut, the wind picked up, the snow fell, the temperature plummeted and Mother Nature screamed “go back to bed”! In the spirit of an unexpected rendezvous with winter, here are my top five winter recipes, sure-fire belly warmers for when the thermometer dips below zero.

Roasted Parmesan Spaghetti Squash: I got this idea from my friend Sydney – and then added my own twist by mixing in thyme and fresh parmesan.Roasted Parmesan Spaghetti Squash Yum!

Serrano Ham & Bocconcini Crepes: Inspired by the most delicious meal we had during a trip to France, we went to the restaurant twice so that we could dissect exactly what was in this amazing dish and recreate it for ourselves at home. And voila! I think we came pretty close. PS it really is best if you can get everything fresh – it might take some treasure hunting to an Italian specialty market, but SO WORTH IT!Serrano Ham and Bocconcini Crepes

Calico Beans: An old standby from our college days and a recipe handed down from Tyler’s mom, I’m gonna “spill the beans” on this one because it’s soooo good and makes a ton for lunch leftovers. After all – what recipe with bacon doesn’t taste delicious?Calico Beans

Curried Yam Soup: I’ve been on a make-my-own soup kick – mostly because I’m tired of the from-the-box flavors sold at Superstore. From chowders to hearty veggie combinations, to chili syle warm-you-up-on-a-cold-day concoctions, here’s my latest (super easy) favorite – with a little extra spice to warm your belly.Curried Yam Soup

Fish Tacos: It’s all about the fried fish with this one. And the lemony cream sauce. And the cilantro. But really, it’s all about putting together a couple of these pretties, mixing up a cold fruity beverage (don’t forget the mini umbrella), closing your eyes, and imagining you’re on a tropical beach, somewhere far from our never-ending Canadian winter.Fish Tacos - P1

Fish Tacos - P2

Happy winter and bon appetit!