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So a couple of weekends ago, Tyler and I decided to show up on-site for my company’s latest commercial shoot – a 15 second spot that would air on Sportsnet during Friday night CHL games. I’d never been involved with television production and wanted to see the process first hand. Also, Tyler’s friend JP kindly volunteered his time (for free!) to appear as an actor in the commercial, so we were there for moral support too.

Once the actors got in their groove and the shoot was flowing nicely, I wandered over to the fridge to grab a coke. I turned my back for 5 seconds. Returning to the action, I was surprised to find Tyler, eagerly pulling a hockey jersey over his head as he made his way towards the camera, shoving our friend JP out of the way to take his place under the lights (okay, he didn’t physically shove him out of the way).

First, I must apologize to our friend JP, whose excellent acting skills were not on display in the final commercial spot. Second, and without further adieu, I bring you Tyler’s debut TV performance as seen on Friday night Sportsnet: