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1. Dippity Doo Da: It’s my Aunt’s 50th Birthday party tomorrow and I’ve volunteered to put together a selection of dips and spreads for a “dip bar”. I tried to wrangle Tyler into helping but he had a “hockey game” to attend. Here’s what’s on tonight’s dip making menu:

– Orange Flavoured Hummus
– Bruschetta
– Kalamata Olive Tapenade
– Pesto Cream Cheese Spread
– Southwest Black Bean Dip
– Creamy Curry Veggie Dip
– Spinach Dip

2. Ganglion-what? Turns out I have Ganglion cyst on the inside of my left wrist. Also known as Bible Bumps, after the rudimentary method of removing them: smack them with a heavy bible to cause them to rupture. My doctor told me “you can YouTube it to see people bashing their wrists against walls trying to pop them”. Word of warning: when your doctor tells you about a condition you have, fight the urge to Google it.

3. Speaking of Wrists: It seems to me that a lot of people spend their work days on a computer and don’t have the same wrist issues I have. Is is posture? genetics? diet? work space set-up? Haven’t been able to say for sure, but I start physiotherapy in April. After two years wearing wrist brace at work, I’ve finally taken the plunge: I’m going doing something about it!

4. Adults Only: Went to Adults Only night at the Science Centre this past Thursday. It’s a little expensive to get in ($56 for two adult tickets including parking), but was a pretty fun time. There was a bar, a DJ, and lot’s of cool exhibits. Best of all, I didn’t have to feel guilty about clamoring over five-year-olds to play with magnets.

5. Mother Nature’s a Tease: March should be known as “psych!” month. The weather starts to warm, the snow melts. I saw a girl in Mission wearing short shorts and a guy wearing flip flops. Then, one morning I wake up and “psych!” it’s winter again. It’s making me crazy!