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1. Sleeping In. There is something about sleeping until you wake up. Something about waking up without a mechanical beeping in your ear. Even better, is rising with the sun instead of grudgingly dragging ones self out of a warm, toasty bed in the dark of a 6am morning. Could have been the late nights. Could have been the jam packed schedule. All I know is that the single most important item on my to-do list for Saturday morning is to sleep in. Ahhh, the life of a DINK (in marketing terms, that stands for Dual Income No Kids).

2. Tea & Toast. The next best thing about this weekend will be enjoying a leisurely breakfast in my pajamas. Creamed earl grey loose leaf with a dash of half-n-half and sweetened with honey + peanut butter toast = heaven.

3. It’s the Most Busiest Time of the Year. February through to May always seems to be full up – personally and work-wise. I’ve decided it stems from January’s New Year’s resolutions (you know the ones that say: “I want to volunteer more” or “I want to learn something” or “I want to be more physically active”). By the time March rolls around I’ve managed to obtain a gym pass, sign up for a soccer league, start a Photoshop course, and join a volunteer marketing committee. All of a sudden the hours seem less empty.

4. Mornings. Previously, when people would ask “Are you an early bird, or a night owl?”, I would normally say “Neither”. I’m realizing more and more that mornings agree with me less and less. I thought as you get older, mornings are supposed to be easier?

5. Makeup. I’m on a makeup kick lately – which led to an unnecessary but exciting shopping spree at Sephora (thanks Tyler’s family for the giftcard!). Problem is, I experiment at home, but when it comes time to step out in my shiny new eyeshadow, I end up chickening out and washing it off. A co-worker said something recently that I think sums up this tendency nicely: “I buy clothes for the life I wish I had, not for the life I’m currently living.” I definitely have a few items in my closet that I bought when I was feeling adventurous – I always wonder what I was thinking when I purchased that jean vest with air force patches sewn all over it. In the closet it remains. And, for now at least, I’m still “in the closet” with my new makeup.