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Rhonda Steed, the multi-talented gal who did our wedding photography, also writes a blog. Each week she posts “Ten for Tuesdays” which is a collection of thoughts and snippets from daily life. So, to take a page from “Smile Rhonda”, here’s my version: Five for Friday:

1. Work has been really productive and rewarding lately. I’ve completed a few projects including transitioning our antiquated e-newsletter into an HTML format and redeveloping our Opening Kit for new franchisees. I also signed on for some part time volunteer work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s newly founded Marketing Committee. Feeling very optimistic about my working life!

2. Speaking of work, I’m going to be on-site for a TV commercial shoot this weekend! We’ve partnered with the CHL and have some upcoming spots airing on Sportsnet. With a limited shoot budget, I’ve recruited a friend as one of the “actors” and am looking forward to being a fly on the wall during the shoot. And…action!

3. It’s supposed to be 12 degrees tomorrow. Which gets me thinking about motorcycle season. Which gets me thinking about motorcycles. Which has brought me to the decision that I’m selling mine. And saving for this. Even though it’s supposed to be warm tomorrow, March is usually the snowiest month. Which I suppose lends me time to save my pennies.

4. We went skiing with my mom at Castle Mountain last weekend. One of the lifties was a middle aged woman with greying hair and a sweet smile. She scanned my pass and then proceeded to give me a the biggest one-armed hug I’ve ever received. When I looked over to Tyler in surprise, he was mid-hug, his face reflecting the same expression I’m sure I had on mine. As she made her way down the lift line, each person had their own reaction. Some were startled. Most laughed. A few were perturbed at the violation of their personal space. I love small town ski hills. And whoever the hugger was, well, she made my day.

5. Going to try paintballing for the first time tomorrow. Knowing that my survival instincts likely favor flight over fight, I’m thinking the best strategy is to find the physically largest person and use him or her as a human shield. Is that allowed?

That’s all for now. Looking forward to warm weather and a weekend in Calgary (finally!)