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After a month-long hiatus, I’ve decided that the blogging thing is something I quite enjoy. They say it takes a month of doing something repeatedly to make a habit out of it. And after four months of writing, this blog seems to be a habit I just can’t quit. I’m perpetually thinking to myself: “I should write about this!” The problem though, is that the subject matter of previous blog posts vanished the instant I set foot on Canadian soil. Travelling is such an obvious thing to talk about. It’s the source of ongoing adventure, mishap, challenge, and hilarity. It’s something most people can relate to – a common ground many stand on by nature of the fact that they’ve travelled too.

Now, when I watch episodes of Rick Steves, I’m scanning a mental check-list. Eiffel tower: check. Canals of Venice: check. Eating foie gras with a glass of the region’s best bordeaux in hand: check and check. “Loire Vallye: dang, missed that one!” When I hear of other people’s adventures in the same places I’ve been, the stories are no longer abstractions of things I’ve seen on postcards, but instead their words cast a familiar glow on my own memories. Which is perhaps why I enjoyed writing while travelling – someone always has their own story to tell in contrast or comparison to my own version of the telling.

Meeting fellow travellers often reminds me of weekend backpacking trips, where I occasionally stumble onto that person. The one who wants to talk about how many ounces my cook stove weighs, what brand of freeze dried meals I prefer, or how many lifesaving, bear scaring, gear carrying, water repelling features came with my choice of backpack. Just like any MEC obsessed “gear head”, my experience has been that many travellers are perpetual one-uppers. “Oh that’s nice you saw some sharks at Seaworld in San Diego. I lost my arm to a great white during a free diving expedition in the Mariana Trench.” So there.

So, my apologies for the abrupt change in subject matter – but the well of travel stories has dried up rather abruptly along with the remaining travel funds. In the anti-spirit of one-upmanship, I switch now to the storytelling of everyday life – the stuff that happens between the bright spots of vacations, weddings, and family drama. The real question remains: is the everyday musings of a 5’4″, twenty something, middle class, nine to five office worker exciting enough to blog about? Probably not. But I’m gonna do it anyway…