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An hour long Thai massage in Chiang Mai had us feeling limber and loose as Bikram yogis, relaxed and rejuvenated as if we’d just spent the day on the beach instead of on the backs of Asian elephants as wannabe mahouts. We paid our 300 baht (roughly $10) for the rub down and set out to find Tyler a much needed haircut and beard trim. Funny thing about Thailand: not a lot of Thai men have facial hair. So when we found a place boasting cuts and shaves for 200 baht ($7), the poor hairdresser didn’t seem to know how to tackle his thickly forested facial hair. But she seemed determined to get it right. Or not. One minute I was lounging in the waiting area, perusing our Lonely Planet guide book for a good place to eat post-haircut. The next, I was face to face with a bald-faced, clean cut stranger. Yep, after nearly three years of beard-dom, she shaved him clean. Considering it’s the last day of “Movember”, I guess it’s fitting. Funny enough, I watched Tyler describe in detail how he wanted his facial hair and what he got was definitely not what he asked for. Some things just get lost in translation. Here are some other funny examples we’ve seen along the way: