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In news completely unrelated to travel, “Giants Amongst Men”, was a top headline on the TSN Sports homepage this week. For those unacquainted with professional baseball (myself included), the San Francisco Giants took the World Series after a four game sweep against the Detroit Tigers. It also means Tyler and I might start demanding payment in exchange for our presence at professional sporting events.

To explain, Tyler and I attended a total of three live sports-related games this year.  The first was an NHL game in Calgary which saw the Flames taken down by the LA Kings. The Kings went on to hoist the Stanley Cup as the 2011 champions not long after.

The second was a Sweet Sixteen college basketball game in Atlanta where we witnessed the Kentucky Wildcats demolish the Indiana Hoosiers. The Wildcats won the coveted NCAA men’s basketball championship a few games later.

The third, you guessed it, was an MLB game at AT&T Park in San Francisco that saw the San Francisco Giants take an early lead against the Colorado Rockies. In a relatively unexciting game, we watched from behind home plate as the Giants dominated. A couple games later, they clinched their division and entered the playoff series. A few weeks after that, they became World Series champions.

We went to three (and only three) games this year. The winner of each went on to win the top prize awarded by their respective sport.  I need an actuary to calculate the odds of this happening! Oh wait, I have one: he says they are low. Anyway, anyone want to offer us free game tickets?