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Just like many dog owners seem to take on a similar appearance to their pets, there exists a common sentiment that the longer a couple is together (and the older they get), the more they start to resemble each other. Tyler and I have been together nearly 12 years, so this thought crossed my mind a month ago when we dropped into MEC to pick up some last minute camping clothes for our US road trip. After browsing our respective gender’s section completely independently, we both showed up at the checkout line with the same shirt. “Green is a boy’s color”, he argued. “You don’t even like hoods that much”, I countered. Neither of us willing to put our newly beloved item back, we did agree on one thing: we weren’t about to be that couple. You know, the duo that wears matching windbreakers accessorized with his and hers fanny packs? Matching velour tracksuits anyone? Nope, not gonna be us. We conceded to alternate the days we wear said shirt and so far, there have been no embarrassing “we’re wearing the same thing” moments.

Anyway, with school in session and the weather growing cooler, we are suddenly surrounded by far fewer kids and young families and far more roaming retirees with nothing but time on their hands. Like chameleons taking on the colors of the rock we sun ourselves on, we’ve found ourselves adopting their habits and doing as they do.

For example, in our “old age”, we no longer make a habit of sleeping until 10am, preferring instead to get an early start on the day, often falling into bed with weary bones as early as 8 at night. We’ve taken to griping when the weekends approach and the highways and tourist traps become clogged with people. We’ve made a routine out of taking down a bottle of wine each night and have gotten extremely good at locating the nearest public restrooms (I took it for granted that I need one every hour – so annoying!). We are starting to get the hang of dressing for the weather and dealing with our foul-tempered GPS. I personally savor every morning that I’m not woken up in a campground by screaming babies. I’ve started eating oatmeal on a regular basis (don’t tell my mom).

All in all, as we head into our last week on the road, we are beginning to feel right at home with the retirement-aged crowd – it wouldn’t even be the worst thing if we did start to dress alike. One thing is for sure…I could get used to this.

Here are some of the latest shots: