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Leaving Portland freshly showered and laundered, I was ready to get back to the ocean. I’m not sure what I was expecting of the Oregon Coast – I’ve never heard someone describe it in detail – but it wasn’t this. And by “this”, I refer to the beauty of the place. I’ll keep this post short because the best way to describe this piece of paradise is to show it, though photos never seem to do what they’re supposed to.

Rather than our usual one-night pitch it (the tent) and ditch it (the campground) strategy, we decided on spending two whole nights south of the city of Florence at Honeyman Campground where we were within walking distance to Oregon’s famed Sand Dunes, and a short drive to Cape Perpetua. This spot held our fascination like no other: we spent hours tiptoeing around lava rocks, colorful tide pools, and watching and listening to the enormous waves exploding like liquid fireworks up the Devil’s Churn surge channel.

Last summer we hiked the West Coast trail along the western rim of Vancouver Island. Each turn of this 75 kilometer trek was as beautiful as it was difficult – every beach, every tide pool, every beautiful day was well-earned and highly treasured. It was hard not to compare the two in their similarities. While I probably appreciated the beauty of the West Coast Trail more, due to its decidedly inaccessible nature to the common camera wielding tourist, I have to say that the Oregon Coast took my breath away in much the same way.

Here are a few shots: