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Here’s some advice: when the dentist tells you that you should get your wisdom teeth removed, do it. Do it now.

Do it before those angry molars cause an infection in your mouth that makes your face swell up like your sucking on a golf ball and your neck, ears, and jaw feel like they have been placed in a slowly tightening vise. Do it before you’re sucking jello through a straw or trying to determine whether pureed hot dog is an appetizing alternative to solid food. Do it before a busy month at work. Do it before you’ve used up all your sick days and vacation days. Do it before you have a major life event planned – like a four month long trip you’ve been saving two years for.

I’ve got four incoming wisdom teeth, which unfortunately did not come with the wisdom to take the advice of my dentist and get them removed two years ago. Three weeks to the “Big Trip”, and all I can hope for is that it works out for the best.

PS Tyler encouraged these pics so that one day we can look back and laugh. Considering he’s looked at my face and laughed one too many times, maybe one day I can look back and laugh about it. Let’s get these babies out first…

Wisdom teeth swelling

No shower. No sleep. Big face. Not happy.

wisdom teeth swelling

I have cheekbones. They’re under there somewhere.