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I never thought I’d see the day. Actually I believed I’d see the day, I was just certain it wouldn’t come until after my 65th Birthday and an enjoyable retirement party. We are officially members of the Good Sam Club.

And you know who convinced us? Tyler’s dad.

Dale is probably the coolest, hippest, nearly-sixty something year-old I’ve ever known. He rocks out with his garage band on Friday nights, brings a water bottle of tequila (Vitamin T) with him to most social outings, and rides a classic orange BMW motorcycle. He’s wears a pair of Rayban Wayfarers that he’s had since Raybans were first cool. He mountain bikes the pants off of twenty something hardcores, leaving them in his dust with no more than a maniacal laugh fading in the distance. Him and his wife Trish go to rock music festivals in their Volkswagon Westfalia. Dale is cool.

So a few weeks ago when Dale whipped out a crumpled envelope that had the $56.47 price for an annual Good Sam membership scrawled across the front, we had to raise our eyebrows at this uncharacteristic retirement-aged behaviour.

Before we could ask him if the membership included a lifetime supply of Depends, he cut in with:

“You would be crazy NOT to get in on this!”

He said it with such vigor, that I think I gasped audibly, at which point he continued with a fairly lengthy explanation and several verbatim testimonials from close family members of the various occasions when Good Sam “saved their asses”.

“Plus it covers my motorcycle and my VW van!” He went on: “Tow, lock-out, run out of gas, you name it! It’s all covered.”

We could tell that Dale was sold on this, and in an endless effort to keep up on the “cool trends”, we had to check it out for ourselves. Sure enough, it’s a pretty sweet deal, membership for a vehicle includes roadside assistance for all the stupid and likely things that will happen: locking my keys in the car, running out of gas, leaving my ipod on and running down the battery. Oh yes, and did I mention, motorcycles and cars are all covered? Pretty good!

Thanks to Dale for convincing us that there’s nothing more cool than being prepared. See you at the next Samboree!